NameDescriptionNumber of SequencesFile SizeFile ExtensionLast UpdatedDownload
PHAST-BSD Bacterial DatabaseLocally curated database of bacterial proteins sequences, used for deep annotation mode.16,000,0006GB.dbDec 22, 2020file_download
Prophage DatabaseLocally curated database of phage protein sequences, used for phage region identification.420,000128MB.dbDec 22, 2020file_download
Swissprot DatabaseBacterial sequence database curated by UniProt, used for lite annotation mode.569,000269MB.fastaMar 01, 2023file_download
Docker ImageDocker Image containing the PHASTEST back end code, used to run PHASTEST pipeline locally.N/A350MB.zipFebruary 13, 2024file_download
Docker Database FilesDatabase files set up to be used with the PHASTEST Docker Cluster.16,611,00012GB.zipFebruary 13, 2024file_download
PHASTEST Docker Set Up Instructions

You must have Docker and Docker Compose installed

1. Download PHASTEST docker image and PHASTEST docker database above

2. Unzip the PHASTEST docker image

3. Unzip the database files, and place the contents into the phastest-app-docker/DB/ directory

4. "docker build -t phastest-docker ." to build the containers

5. "docker compose run phastest -i {genbank|fasta|contig} -a {accession number} -m {annotation mode} -s {sequence file name} [OPTIONS]..." to run PHASTEST

See for more information

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